These are frequently asked questions related to PikPak

Q: How to change the phone number or email address connected to your account?

Please visit Account and Security page to bind a mobile phone number or email address to your account, or modify the mobile phone number or email address you have already bound.

Q: What is the maximum number of files to add a BT task?

The current maximum limit is 7000 files per time. Our team is trying to expand the cap recently.

Q: Is it possible to set the download pathway to the SD card?

The latest version of PikPak App has been supported to set the download pathway to the SD card for mobile phones with Android 11 and above systems.

Q: Will there be a first-time subscription offer if I cancel my subscription after subscribing to an in-app Premium?

According to the rules, the first-time subscription offer only takes effect at the time of first purchasing. If you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to enjoy the first subscription offer again.

Q: Why is the upload and download speed slow recently?

If you are a China Mobile network user in mainland China, you may experience slower speeds due to PikPak blocking on China Mobile's network. Currently we don't have a good solution for this problem.
If you can use or get a better experience through a proxy server or VPN, you can continue to use it, but it should comply with local laws.

Q: Why are my resources blocked?

As we know that there are some extremely harmful content on the Internet, such as "teen porn, blasphemy, terrorism, violence and bloodshed" etc.
When users store content in PikPak, they may inadvertently touch these extremely harmful content.
That's why we offer the function of report harmful links. We will review the reported content and block the content that is identified as extremely harmful.
The reviewing principle we adhere to is to respect multicultural and block as little as possible. However, there may still be misjudgments in the review.
If you have any objection to the blocked content, please give us feedback in-app. We will arrange a review and corresponding processing, and then give you a response about your feedback.

Q: How to export the download link of the added resource?

You can follow below steps:
1. Find the file where you need to export the download link;
2. Click the three dots button on the right;
3. Click "View Details";
4. Look at Resource Links at the bottom.

Q: How to delete the account?

You can open the PikPak app's Settings menu, click Accounts & Security, and find the Account deletion feature at the bottom of the menu. If you use PikPak on the web, you can also visit this link to delete your account.

Q: If the Premium's storage capacity is not enough, can I still expand the capacity?

Premium has a base storage of 10TB, and we provide the option to purchase additional storage capacity in PikPak Web, click this link to directly get it.
Note: After the storage space is purchased, the latest storage status may not be displayed immediately in other products, but the new storage capacity has actually taken effect. You can switch tabs or restart the product to refresh.

Q: Why is the storage capacity in PikPak still occupied after deleting files?

When the file is deleted for the first time, it will enter the Trash. Please delete it again in the Trash to release the storage capacity.

Q: Why is the download interrupted after the phone screen is off when files are downloading to the local?

In order to saving power, the system of mobile phone will automatically pause the running program after the screen is off, which will cause the download of PikPak to be interrupted. You can try charging your phone during the download process. Most phones will not pause running programs under charging.

Q: Why can't I download the Android APK installation package on official website?

Currently, we do not allow users with IPs in mainland China to download APK installation packages through the official website. If you are not a user in mainland China and you're having trouble downloading the APK installation package, you can get help through our customer support group.

Q: Does PikPak support HDR video playback?

PikPak Android App 1.30 and above, iOS App 1.11 and above already support playing HDR videos. You can enjoy a clearer, more vivid, and more realistic video experience in these versions of the App. But PikPak PC client does not support playing HDR videos yet, we are working on the related development, please stay tuned.

Q: Why does uploading pictures and videos fail through the emulator?

It may be that PikPak is having compatibility problem with the emulator, so we can't handle the problem about the emulator.

Q: How to change the bounded Telegram Bot?

You can send /settings to Telegram Bot, select "Cancel authorization", and then enter your PikPak App and click "Bind Telegram Bot" to bind.

Q: What is Share Code? How to use Share Code?

Share Codes are a quick alternative to PikPak file-sharing links, which are usually shorter than sharing links. Users can quickly enter the code to view or save files shared with you. If someone tells you a sharing code,
it means that they shared a file with you, you can use it directly by entering the sharing code in the interface where you add the link, or enter the code when searching and follow the prompts. If you find a card on the home page of the app where you can enter a sharing code, you can also enter it and view it directly.
Note: Currently, sharing code is only supported in Android Apps, and may be gradually opened to more platforms in the future.

Q: How do I create share code?

Currently, you can only create sharing codes through the PikPak Web Drive. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Open the My Sharing page on the PikPak Web Drive, where you can see all the sharing entries you've created.

2. Choose the sharing entry for which you want to create a sharing code and click on the “View sharing details”option in the right-click menu.

3. In the “Share details”window, click the“Add Share code“button, you can set a code consisting of [numbers, letters, symbols] for the sharing link.

4. Click the“Save“button, then you have successfully created a sharing code.

You can copy the sharing code and send it to the people you want to share it with. They can access your shared content by entering the correct sharing code.

Q: Can I share my PikPak account with others?

No, sharing your account with others violates the PikPak User Agreement. PikPak will automatically detect account sharing behavior, and accounts that are detected as suspected account sharing behavior will be suspended for 24 hours.

Q: I have already signed up as a premium, but when I send resources to Telegram Bot, why does it still prompt that the Cloud Drive space is insufficient?

It may be that your Telegram Bot is bound to another PikPak account, send /settings to the Telegram Bot to cancel authorization, and then go back to the PikPak App to re-bind the current account.

Q: Can I select some of the files to download, when adding a BT task to offline download?

Currently, it is not supported to select some files of BT tasks for download, we have recorded this requirement, and we will plan to implement it in the future.

Q: Does PikPak support the WebDAV protocol?

We have introduced the WebDAV feature on the PikPak Web Drive. With this feature, you can access your cloud storage files through third-party applications.

You can try using various WebDAV client software to connect to your PikPak account and browse, play, and download your files. However, due to differences in the implementation of various WebDAV clients, you may encounter some compatibility issues. Please provide us with feedback on any issues you may experience.

To enable the WebDAV feature:
1. To use the WebDAV feature, you need to open [Settings] - [Experimental Features] and enable the WebDAV option.
2. You will see a unified WebDAV connection address, along with your username and password, which serves as your credentials for connecting to PikPak. Please keep this information secure and do not disclose it to others.

Please note that the WebDAV feature is currently available to members only, and due to high development costs, it currently supports only [read] operations and does not support [write, copy, move] operations. We are actively working to improve and hope to provide more functionality and better performance in the future.

Q: Can I use other players to play videos from PikPak?

You can. Starting from PikPak Android App version 1.21, in the file list, please view the extended menu of any video file. You can see the "Play with other apps" function, and click to select the installed player on the phone to play.

Q: I have a PikPak redeem code, how do I use it?

PikPak redeem codes are currently available in Android apps, desktop apps, PikPak Web, you can find the "Redeem" button in the upper right corner of the purchase Premium page, and you can enter the redeem code and use it in the pop-up box.
Special note: Due to some restrictions, the redemption cannot be used directly in the iPhone and iPad apps, but you can use it normally on other ends.
Tip: If you successfully use a redeem code on PikPak Web, you may not immediately see your latest Premium information in other products, but your Premium benefits are actually valid. You can switch tabs or restart the product to refresh.

Q: What happens to my files if my Premium expires?

We believe user data is of utmost importance. Therefore, our current policy is that even if your membership expires, your files remain secure, albeit with some usage restrictions. If you use more than 6GB of storage space, 7 days after your membership expires, you will not be able to stream videos online, and the download speed to local devices will be reduced to 100KB/s. These restrictions will be automatically lifted once you renew your membership or if your storage use falls below 6GB. Should there be any adjustments to this policy in the future, we will announce or notify users in advance.

Q: What should I do if I install PikPak on Google Play but get stuck purchasing Premium in the app?

The quickest way to purchase through the PikPak website:
>> click this link to continue purchasing <<
After the purchase is completed, you can use the membership function in the app immediately.
If you still want to resolve issues with in-app purchases, you can check and troubleshoot for the following common reasons:
1. Your Internet connection to the Google Play Store server is poor or blocked for some reason. Troubleshoot connection issues and make sure the Play Store app opens correctly.
2. Your mobile device is missing or incomplete GMS components. Try a complete installation and make sure the Play Store app opens correctly.
3. Your Google Account isn't signed in correctly. Check your Google Account sign-in status within the Play Store app.
4. You don't have a correct and valid payment method set up on Google Play. Check that your payment settings are correct within the Play Store app.
5. There is a problem with the date and time settings on your device. Please check if it is correct.
6. If you're having problems with data storage and caching on your device, you can try clearing the Google service and Play Store app cache, sign out and restart the Play Store app, and sign in to your Google Account again.

Q: How to apply for a refund after purchasing Premium?

After you purchase a PikPak premium membership, the payments are generally non-refundable unless some force majeure events prevent PikPak from providing services. If you encounter payment issues, you can contact for assistance.

In certain limited circumstances, PikPak can provide refunds for your payment:
1. If you believe there is an error in PikPak's charges, you must contact us within 30 days after the charge for a refund.
2. If you mistakenly purchased a membership and have never used the premium's rights (Such as you have not stored or transmitted any content since purchasing the premium membership), you must contact within 24 hours to arrange a refund.

Aside from the above situations, other purchases made on PikPak are considered final and non-refundable unless determined by Singapore law, specific service offerings, or PikPak's discretion.

Q: The email address and mobile phone number bound to my PikPak account are invalid. How do I change it?

You can send an email to and provide proof that you have an expired "email address, mobile phone number", such as a screenshot of the first PikPak verification code you received, or a screenshot of the operator website or app that used that phone number. We will replace and bind you with a new "email address and mobile phone number" after verification.

Q: When will PikPak launch the Mac Application?

PikPak Mac Application is under development, it will be coming soon!

Q: How do I add a download link using the PikPak iOS App?

Due to Apple's policy restrictions, the PikPak iOS App does not support adding download links within the app. You can use PikPak Web Drive , or Telegram Bot to add favorite files and download links, then find them in PikPak iOS App.

Q: I used PikPak's free trial premium code, will I be charged automatically after the trial expires?

If you used PikPak's free trial premium code, you don't have to worry about being charged automatically after the trial expires. We will remind you before the trial period ends and let you decide whether to renew. PikPak will not charge you without your consent.

Q: What is the difference between 'Global Premium' and 'Regional Premium' ? What should I pay attention to when buying?

PikPak, as a global product, provides two class of membership services starting from July 2023 to offer quality services to users from different countries and regions: 'Global Premium' and 'Regional Premium'. Their main differences are as follows:
1. Global Premium is designed for users from 23 developed countries such as the United States, Canada, and Japan. In addition to enjoying standard premium services, it also provides the highest quality download experience without regional restrictions. No matter where you are in the world, you can enjoy the highest download speed (currently 15MB/s and may be higher in the future). Here is the complete list of developed countries corresponding to Global Premium: United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand, Qatar, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Uruguay, Kuwait, Turkey, Oman, Bahrain, Iceland.
2. Regional Premium is a preferential premium service provided for users from other countries or regions. If you are not in the above-mentioned developed countries, you can purchase Regional Premium and enjoy a maximum download speed of 6MB/s per file. However, if you go to the above-mentioned developed countries, your download speed will be restricted and you will be prompted to pay for an upgrade to Global Premium.
In addition to the differences in download speed and regional restrictions mentioned above, there are no other differences in service quality between Global Premium and Regional Premium. You may have noticed that the price of Global Premium is significantly higher than that of Regional Premium. This is not only due to different service costs but also because we hope to bring premium services to more developing countries or regions around the world while compressing or even giving up profits. Therefore we have further reduced the price of Regional premium.
When purchasing premium within PikPak's various products, you do not need to worry about purchasing an inappropriate premium class because PikPak will automatically determine the user's country or region and directly provide a suitable premium class for you to purchase. PikPak determines the user's country or region by comprehensively considering multiple factors such as the user's IP address, device language and desensitized SIM card country code.If your country or region is misjudged by PikPak, you can correct it by binding the mobile phone number of your current country or region.
Please note that if you plan to use a redemption code to redeem your premium, you need to first understand whether the redemption code you have obtained is applicable to Global Premium or Regional Premium. In the above-mentioned developed countries or regions it is not possible to use a redemption code for Regional Premium to complete redemption. In other countries or regions you can use redemption codes for Global Premium or Regional Premium respectively to redeem corresponding premium class.
1. If you purchased a premium before July 2023 as long as your premium remains in effect your original premium services will not be affected.
2. The countries or regions mentioned in the above description do not include countries or regions where PikPak currently does not provide services. For details please refer to User Agreement related content.

Q: According to the rules mentioned above, I think I should be a regional member (or global member), but PikPak considers me a global member (or regional member), how can I correct it?

As mentioned above, PikPak will combine various user information to determine the user’s country or region, but in some special situations, such as long-term use of VPN, or your account is bound to a non-local phone number, there may be errors in PikPak’s judgment. If you encounter any of the following problems during use, it means that you have encountered this misjudgment situation:
1. Your location should be a Regional Premium, but there is a prompt to upgrade to a Global Premium.
2. The premium class prompt and price are incorrect when purchasing premium.
3. Your location should be available for Regional Premium, but you cannot redeem the regional premium redemption code and prompt that this redemption code cannot be used in the current region.
In this situation, you can correct it by binding the phone number of your current country or region. You can perform this operation in Account & Security - Bind Phone . If you do not want to bind a local phone number, or if the problem still exists after binding, please send an email to And explain the situation, and we will help you solve the problem.

Q: Why is there a transfer quota?

PikPak has always been committed to optimizing the user experience. According to data statistics and analysis, we have found that there are always some cases of users abusing the service, causing obvious negative impacts on the overall user experience. These accounts that abuse the service use some practices that violate the user agreement, occupying a huge amount of traffic resources (tens to hundreds of times the normal usage traffic), and some people obtain improper benefits from it. This seriously affects the normal user experience and may cause problems such as slower download speeds, stuttering playback, and even unstable services.
We realize that in order to optimize the experience, we must manage these accounts that abuse the service. It is not easy to completely identify and block them because they will create many accounts and constantly adjust their strategies to disguise themselves. In the past, we restricted them by setting some account operation thresholds, such as the number of uploaded files or the maximum number of IPs for online playback, but it would always affect some normal users. Now we optimize this and adopt a more effective transfer quota method to constrain abusive users.
The transfer quota mainly includes cloud download traffic, downstream traffic, and upload traffic, and is calculated according to the consumption per natural month. Starting from September 2023, all PikPak users, whether free or paid members, will have basic transfer quota.
According to our data analysis, the basic transfer quota will not impose restrictions on normal individual users. Only in very extreme usage situations will it reach the limit. At this time, you can purchase extra storage quota. We believe that only by increasing the cost of abuse can we better curb service abuse.
In addition, when the service capacity is relatively sufficient, we may increase the basic transfer quota for some users, so your actual basic transfer quota may be higher than the above value.
With a transfer quota, we can relax other restrictions to avoid affecting normal use while further improving service quality and user experience.

Q: Do premium accounts have limits on transfer quota?

Yes. It is mentioned in the Membership Agreement - PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS that transfer quotas apply to all PikPak users, whether they are free users or paid members. According to our data analysis, the basic transfer quota will not impose restrictions on regular individual users.

Q: What are the specific values and meanings of the transfer quota?

The transfer quota primarily includes the following three aspects of data limits:
1. Cloud Download Traffic - The total data traffic of all successfully stored files using the cloud download feature within the current month.
2.Downstream Traffic - The actual data traffic transferred when using online playback, viewing, or download functions within the current month.
3. Upload Traffic - The total data traffic of all files uploaded within the current month.
Your PikPak account already includes the following basic transfer quotas:
  • Cloud Download Traffic - 40 TB / month
  • Downstream Traffic - 4 TB / month (including online playback, viewing, and download traffic)
  • Upload Traffic - 1 TB / month
1. Due to data compression techniques to save traffic, the upload traffic of files may be smaller than their actual sizes.
2. When service capacity is sufficient, we might increase the basic transfer quota for some users, so your actual basic transfer quota might be higher than the values mentioned above.

Q: How are the details of the transfer quota calculated?

The calculation rules for the transfer quota are as follows:
1. The calculation period for the basic transfer quota is a calendar month, and the quota value is cleared to zero at the end of each month and does not accumulate. The next month enjoys a new month’s basic transfer quota.
2. The validity period of the additional transfer quota is usually 1 year from the date of purchase, and the quota value will be cleared if it exceeds this validity period.
3. In each calendar month cycle, the basic transfer quota is utillsed first. When the basic transfer quota is exhausted, if there is still available additional transfer quota, the additional transfer quota will be consumed.
Note: Additional transfer quotas usually need to be obtained by purchasing.

Q: Where can I see the specifics of my transfer quota details?

You can check at any time through the Transfer Quota Details page.

Q: What should I do if I receive a notification that the transfer quota has been exceeded while in use?

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Below are some options:
1. The transfer quota is calculated based on each natural month, so you can wait until the first day of the next month to continue using PikPak. At that time, you will have a new month's transfer quota.
2. If you don't want to wait, you can purchase additional transfer quota.

Q: I have been using PikPak normally all along, why am I receiving the 'Exceeded Transfer Quota' notification?

You can investigate the cause using the following steps:
1. Please first check if your account has been compromised. If there are any suspicions, we recommend changing your account password as soon as possible.
2. Confirm whether your account has been shared with others. We strongly advise against sharing or trading accounts, as this may not only result in restricted transfers but also violate the user agreement, potentially leading to account suspension.
3. Verify if you are using PikPak through unofficial third-party applications or websites. These applications or websites are not controlled by PikPak, and there might be abuse of traffic. We recommend using official PikPak products at all times.
4. If you are certain that none of the above situations apply, please submit User Feedback detailing your situation. We will do our best to investigate on your behalf.

Q: Can I purchase premium for PikPak outside of the official PikPak app or website

In order to provide users with more flexible and diverse premium purchase options, PikPak has launched the Gift Card Serivce. Anyone can buy premium codes in bulk from the Gift Card Service Center. Therefore, if you see local merchants selling PikPak premium codes, it should be reliable.
We also have some direct partners who distribute premium codes. You can purchase redemption codes Here.
In any case, when purchasing a premium membership outside of the official PikPak app or website, please be cautious in verifying whether it is an illegal sale of premium membership. The simplest way to do this is to check if premium membership is provided through a redemption code.
Please note that purchasing premium codes is the only legitimate method supported by PikPak for external premium membership sales; all other methods are illegal. Buying illegally sold premium memberships can result in serious consequences, including premium membership revocation, and even account or device suspension.
For more detailed information, please refer to the Disclaimer.